Covering over 30 million square kilometers, Africa accounts for around 20% of the Earth’s land, with terrains that encompass deserts, savanna plains and tropical rainforest.

Agriculture on the world’s second largest and hottest continent therefore presents particular challenges: farms often span thousands of hectares, and farmers experience frequent issues with parasites and fungi. These large-scale exporters must also comply with ever more stringent regulation of pesticides. In order to remain competitive in the world market, they therefore require specialized solutions that increase productivity while reducing costs.

To support agriculture clients in this strategic region, Bureau Veritas has developed precision farming solutions based on crop inspection by drone. Services are provided under a framework partnership agreement with Delta Drone. The aim is to develop precision farming inspection services by consolidating Bureau Veritas ground data – for example analyses of soil, leaves and roots – with aerial data acquired by Delta Drone. These services can add value to all types of plantation, from rubber, palm oil, sugar cane and banana tree to cocoa.

13 pilot programs in Africa


Precision farming aims to minimize risk and maximize returns for growers by monitoring crop and farm development with a view to improving management.


In addition to testing services, we interpret test results and offer personalised advice to support your choice of the most efficient fertilisation plan to optimize your production.

  1. We test and classify seeds and grains
  2. We perform analyses of soil, plants, water and organic substrates
  3. We further conduct satellite crop mapping. Regular mapping allows statistics to be compiled, crop conditions to be monitored in real time and future crops to be better understood.
  4. Satellites also make it possible to monitor crops in order to track their progress and reference their respective characteristics in order to anticipate needs for the next few years.
  5. We provide crop audits and protect your licenses
  6. We use artificial intelligence through our GAIVOTA application. We integrate all soil, water, climate and crop management data (use of manure, fertilizers, pesticides) and data collected by drones and satellites to optimize the management and monitoring of the whole production cycle.