Agronomic analysis

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Beyond testing  services, we interpret test results offering personalised advice to support your choice of the most efficient fertilisation plan, thereby optimising yield results.


our capabilities

  • Microbiology
  • Physico-Chemistry
  • Contaminants
  • Plant Pathology


Soil analysis

Granulometric analysis: necessary to determine the composition of each soil at different horizons. The interpretation of the results and the expertise of the agricultural engineers will depend on this analysis.

Physico-chemical analysis: major nutrients (exchangeable and assimilable), trace elements, organic matter, pH, electrical conductivity, cation exchange capacity, total and active limestone, etc. These analyses are used to assess the nutritive potential of your soil and to determine its chemical quality and its capacity to supply plants with nutrients in order to reason with fertilization. 

It must be carried out upstream of the campaign to determine the soil fertilization plan.

PLANTS ANALYSIS (leaves, branches, fruits...)

Plant analyses are used to determine the plants' nutritional status and to detect nutrient deficiencies for adapted manuring programs.

Water analysis

Irrigation water and nutrient solution analysis to determine the irrigation water quality and to assess its nutrient content in order to reason for fertigation. 

Organic Substrate Analysis

Organic substrate analyses (manure, compost, potting soil, etc.) to assess their chemical quality and richness in order to reason with organic amendments.

Phytosanitary analysis

Phytiatric analysis to detect plant pathologies (nematodes, fungi...) and to set up adapted treatments. 

Pesticide residue analysis

The laboratory is equipped with the latest triple quadripole GCMS/MS and LCMS/MS for the detection of more than 500 molecules used in pesticides.

A local service for professionals

We ensure the detailed study of the physical and chemical characteristics of your soils in order to identify their intrinsic constraints and to give you the appropriate recommendations to improve their aptitude for production. We also provide you with a detailed cartography of these soils in order to make the most of their potential.


    • Bureau Veritas provides a full and comprehensive scope of agri-commodities & food testing throughout the entire supply chain. 
    • A soil analysis laboratory at your disposal for investigations and controls which ensures the reliability of your studies.
    • A team of highly experienced engineers and technicians take care of your analyses, interpret them and give you appropriate advice.
    • Experience in soil studies and mapping on more than 3 million hectares of land. 


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