Mystery Guest & Shopping sevices

Mystery guest & shopping services

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Many organizations feel the need to assess the quality of their services or products through targeted controls based on certain fundamental requirements. 
Entrusting verification activities to a third party generates clear advantages in terms of impartiality, method and transparency. 
Mystery Guest & Shopping is a particularly innovative approach to third-party inspection activities. 
This is a verification in which the auditor, incognito or unannounced, falls into the shoes of the customer/user or the actual user of the service.
Mystery Guest & Shopping is an innovative approach that frees the audit time from any formality and preparation, making it a real support tool for Organisations wishing to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their offer by looking at it through the eyes of the Client. 
Mystery Guest & Shopping is particularly effective in the service sector, where network expansion and the intangible nature of the offer are a valuable tool for objectively measuring the quality level of the customer experience from the centre to the edge of the network.
Some of the organizations that are well suited to this type of activity include: banks and insurance, retail and e-commerce sites, public administrations and hospitals, call centres and associations, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, museums and amusement parks, gyms and wellness centres, franchisors and brand owners, transport operators, freight forwarders, carriers.


What are the objectives of a Mystery Guest & Shopping program? 
Mystery Guest & Shopping is a structured method that, by simulating the behaviour and actions of a potential customer of a specific organization, aims to identify the type of perception and degree of satisfaction, by evaluating objective quality factors related to the efficiency. and effectiveness of the service used. 
The ultimate goal is to improve user satisfaction. 

This type of verification allows you to:

  • Understand the customer's expectations and inform operators
  • Quantitatively assess the quality levels of a service of any type, acquire information and data for continuous improvement.
  • Measure staff skills and corresponding training needs 
  • Design incentive programs or penalties 
  • Assess the ability to manage customer complaints 
  • Ensure that brand and product values are correctly transferred and that the product / service retains its particular characteristics during the various stages of distribution / delivery to the end user.


Our service is based on a series of fundamental steps:

  • Sharing the checklist with the organization that orders Mystery Guest & Shopping
  • Sharing and configuration of the reporting tool 
  • Identification of the pool of inspectors dedicated to the project 
  • Definition of the audits Execution of audits according to the defined program. 
  • Bureau Veritas' Mystery Guest & Shopping are carried out using as a reference also the UNI TS 11312 standard "Guide for incognito audits". 
  • Reporting according to defined methods and schedule