Laboratory Outsourcing metals & minerals

Bureau Veritas has a wealth of experience and knowledge available for the provision of inspection and testing consultancy services. We utilise our skills and resources to tailor a solution that meets your requirements and project needs.

Bureau Veritas can help you develop projects from simple analytical procedures through to the design and commissioning of major laboratory facilities. We can provide technical auditing in the inspection field at ports, mining or refining locations including sampling bias testing. 

Expert training is offered at our centres of excellence or on-site at your facility. From production of expert and detailed reports to training your people in practices built around international standards, Bureau Veritas has a solution for you.



Containerised Laboratories

Bureau Veritas’ transportable onsite laboratories are formed from high strength shipping containers which are modified to provide robust, inert, comfortable and safe work environments.

Features & Benefits include:

  • Containerised laboratories can be moved at relatively low cost
  • Modular design facilitates fast installation
  • Installation of facility and equipment onsite to manufacturers’ specifications
  • All equipment, tools, furniture, computers, reagents and apparatus supplied
  • Supervision and training of personnel carried out by experienced Bureau Veritas staff, ensuring industry standard quality of analysis
  • All manuals for equipment, safety, material safety data sheets supplied
  • Analytical techniques and methodologies along with suitable standard reference materials supplied
  • ISO compliant quality procedures
  • Backup from the Bureau Veritas’ global laboratory network
  • Substantial buying power for more efficient, cost effective operations
  • Recognised leadership in laboratory automation and QHSE systems and processes
  • A broad base of knowledge, capabilities and resources


MineDSi is a geological, geochemical, and geophysical data viewing platform that incorporates core photographs, field data, and lab results. It allows the user to log core electronically and quickly check logging descriptions against single element and element ratio geochemistry. Cross-check descriptions utilize automated quality-check tools to ensure consistency throughout the project. All parameters are fully customizable and our in-house support team can assist building the perfect tools to capture all your project data. 

MineDSi is another leading innovation from Bureau Veritas and we provide on site support and training throughout all stages of implementation to ensure a smooth deployment on any scale of project.

Benefits include:

  • Manual core measurements are eliminated
  • Instantly create a geological database from your visual description
  • Import Bureau Veritas assay data directly into MineDSi via a WebAccess™ link.
  • Relate geological interpretations to assay results, geophysical data, or ASD/Hylogger/Panalytical Halo® mineralogical data in one place.

Sample Preparation Laboratories

Sample preparation lays the groundwork for all the analysis which will be performed on your sample. With demanding and strict process controls, the superior quality of preparation of samples improves the measurable analytical values produced. A split is taken to represent the original sample. The preparation process and this split are subject to QA/QC control checks during the progression and prior to submission to the analytical portion. If there is a non-conformance to the quality standard the process is reviewed and corrected. This strict policy is for any material that is reported or used in the analytical process.

To ensure the equipment is producing a quality product the reduction of the wear surfaces of plates and bowls is constantly monitored and recorded. No equipment is allowed to be used beyond its lifespan. 

A sieve test is used to monitor the process on select and random samples at the primary crushing stage and pulverization. These tests are recorded and reported for your review. There is an all-encompassing training program that employees undergo that assures our staff understand the importance of their work and adherence to a high quality standard.